January 8, 2012

so here comes the two zero one two

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim . In the name of Allah the Most Beneficent , Most Gracious , Most Merciful . Alhamdulillah we are still alive in this 2012 :) Until today 8/1/2012 , I'm very very very happy with my life , family  and friends . There are a lot and a lot of story that I have not story yet here . Basketball , Pangkor , KESUMA , exco of PERSIDA , em em  arghhh too mahy T . T . I wish I have more time to post all those story here asap :( but hmmphh i'm just too busy with all the stuff and events . Maybe next time during the Chinese New Year i will write all of the stories okay ?  So em Happy New Year to all my dear friends and silent readers :) I hope everything is gonna be awesome in 2012 . oh ya , last but not least  I should study hard but smart for my second semester . fighting anis ! :D

p/s : i miss you :)

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