August 3, 2017

Livin' in positive vibes ✨🌈

I may not be perfect
But at least I'm not fake
And bitching around 😌✌️

July 29, 2017

Tick tock ❤️✈️

My best man in the world is back tomorrow!

Omg crying sebakul alreadyy cant wait!

This guy, is someone who i truly cant live without 😔❤️

He is just
So good,
So gentle,
So funny,
So caring,
So talkative,
So manja (this one <3),
So husband-like,
So handsome,
So smart,
So sweet to handle lol,
So ambitious,
So easy going,
So kuat makan haha,
So cute,
So wangi all the time,
And ahhhh he is just too perfect!!!

One more thing, You can talk with him for ages! He have lots to say! 😂


He's still the same like the first the day he approach me ❤️

Can you imagine, first day approach dah cakap nak jumpa parents
And cakap nak beli hantaran kat mana and bila 😂
Padahal i dont even know him! Lol!

And of course i dont even say i like/love him! Hahaha! Suhail suhail..
I dont even got a chance to say anything coz he talks too much 😂😂😂

I think i just said 'kejap kejap, kenapa you macam comfirm je i suka dekat you, i kenal you pun tak.
And seriously i need time to digest what you said lol 😂'

And he said (as always confident 🙄), 'takpe takpe take your time, you tak reply msg i pun takpe
But i akan tetap hantar good morning goodnight and so on' lol sangat

I guess that what makes him charming 😊❤️😍

You're so confident Sayang ❤️ Thats what i like the most ❤️

Love you,

I will wait for you at the airport tomorrow 😘✈️

July 13, 2017

Damn True!


May 16, 2017

15th May

And today's main topic goes tooooooooooooooo *drumroll*


Awhhh! My man is graduating!! *Lap air mata*

Congrates my dear!! I am so so so so so proud of you!! Rasa nak terjun bangunan sebab happy sangat hahaha! Tahniah awak, all your penat lelah, study, exam, buat assignment, demam, study tunggang terbalik, pergi sana sini, makan, keluar duit, keluar hingus, tidur, tukar tukar awek (eh? hahah) Everything my dear everything is paid off now!! Your cute mama and funny ayah must be so proud of you! :D

I know, accounting is really hard especially those yang ambil dekat uitm. Kalau amik dekat DBS senang je hahah. Don't be sad sayang sebab tak dapat balik convo dekat Malaysia and and andddd I am so happy to be reason of your smile on your convocation day today :) I promise I will always be by your side thru up and down :) 

I hope you enjoy our small celebration at Jimmy Chungs. Sembang macam nak runtuh kedai! haha #anissuhailfunfact : Kitorang kalau bersembang ya Allah berjam jam! Kalau kedai makan dah tutup sambung pulak dekat cafe cafe berdekatan lol! Anddd can you imagine we speak malay very loud and ketawa masyaAllah! hahaha setiap kali pergi kedai mana pun, mesti akan ada mat salleh gelak! Sama ada we are too loud or being too cheesy kah kah! There is one time we were having Sundae Brownies at Eddie Rocket and the waiter ask us "Do you want me to bring flowers too?" LOL sangat. K tu je hahahha *syok sendiri*

Anyway, Happy Graduation Day Sayang :) I wish you success in everything you do and of course you will have me as your no 1 supporters! Love ya! :)

your love :)

April 11, 2017



My life were so plain

Wake up. Go to work. Lunch. Back from work. Study. Dinner. Korean drama. Sleep. Repeat

Slip few travels between them

That's all

Bored to death!

Masak. Makan.

Hmm. It is so boring living far away from your family. I mean like jumpa family once a year!
Like seriously?

Not to forget,

Studying alone! I just cant but I need to.

I used to be a study group person since diploma till degree.

Everything repeat repeat repeat. To be honest I am tired of living in Dublin.


Not anymore :)

Everything change now! I have study partner, craving partner, lets-go-to-that-place-now partner,
ice-cream partner, shoulders to cry on partner, food hunting partner and lots more :)

Thanks for making me from a demotivated person to oh-so-motivate-now!


February 23, 2017

Thankyou Allah :)

Where have you been all this while Mohd Suhail Mohd Fakharudin???!!!!!


February 3, 2016

Lunch time!

It's currently lunch hour right now. I always brought my own lunch, most of them pun selalu bawak lunch sendiri. Lunch diorang sandwich, spaghetti fruits bla bla bla hahah. Kalau dekat Malaysia hari tu, lunch semua taknak kalah, makan nasi ayam penyet lah, kfc lah lauk kemain hahaha huaa rindunya Malaysiaaaa. Tapi, apakan daya, sis harus mencari rezeki di perantauan hihihi. 

Life as a worker ? Okay lah not bad cuma malas bangun pagi untuk pergi kerja je wuwuwuwu. Kadang kadang dalam a week tu ada la sekali pergi kerja tak mandi sebab it is tooo colddddd! Tak sanggup nak mandi tsk! Terpaksa pergi kerja tak mandi hahahhahahaha.

Okay bye sis nak solat Zohor merangkap Asar sekali. Sembahyang dekat bilik photostate okay haa jangan main main hahah.

Alright, till then! :)

It is currently 9.30pm in Malaysia, Night guys! 



February 1, 2016

What's the craic?

Finally! Got time to have some rest phewhh! We are moving to a new house which i like it so much omg! I like this house like crazayyy! We have a large bedroom, spacious kitchen and beautiful bathroom! And say whattttt. Today is the last day for January of 2016, how can time flies so fast?! Rasa macam baru datang Dublin untuk grad bulan November hari tu. Masa masa, cepat betul kau berlalu kan.

Oh and yes, Alhamdulillah I manage to complete my bachelor in Accounting and Finance with flying colours :) The struggle was real. Kalau based on instagram it seems that I travel a lot but the real thing is, I studied really hard. Weekdays, i pergi kelas macam biasa. Balik kelas, makan solat semua I will went back to library to have some revision and do research for my assignments. During weekend, I woke up early and straight to dbs and find an empty class or computer room for revision, buat notes and do lots of exercise. I prefer empty classes and computer room during weekend cause i can have a relax-kind-of-study. I can sing, eat, stretch and discuss with my friends while studying. To be honest, memang jadi macam budak skema la all the time study. But but but! Kalau ada cuti umum ke apa, memang i akan travel and used it betul betul untuk cuti.

So what happened to me after graduating from DBS?

There's lots lots lots and lotssssss of thing happened tho. End up my 2015 badly was the worst thing ever! EVERRRR! I lost my phoneeeeee! It was stole by a pick pocket! Masa tu baru lepas buat visa dekat immigration kot which cost me 300euro then lepas tu phone kena curi. Like whattt mana nak cari duit weh! It happened within second! Tahu tahu pocket jacket dah ringan. All my travel photos and everything ada dalam tu lah pencuri! Speechless. Like seriously speechless masa tu. and until now, i live without a phone. I survived 2 months without a phone okay, 2 months hahah.

And of course, it is not always raining kan. Early January 2016, i manage to secure a job here in Dublin! Alhamdulillah syukur sangat sangat! Penantian macam orang gila masa tu, tuhan je tahu.

am getting sleepy, so.. till next post then!

Goodnight from Dublin :)



April 9, 2015

Demam 3.0

Under my duvet
Forever routine before close the eyes
Googling, youtubing, stalking lol 
Do you know that gatal-hidung-sebab-dah-nak-selsema?
Oh please jangan
Not again 
I am the one who brought those virus into this house
January i demam for 2 times which take 2 month nak baik blergh
Then upa terjangkit then kak fika
And now me again! *cried*
My final exams lagi 18 days je weh!
Taknaklah selsema all those thing uwaaaa

                                          Feeling sick,