July 29, 2017

Tick tock ❤️✈️

My best man in the world is back tomorrow!

Omg crying sebakul alreadyy cant wait!

This guy, is someone who i truly cant live without 😔❤️

He is just
So good,
So gentle,
So funny,
So caring,
So talkative,
So manja (this one <3),
So husband-like,
So handsome,
So smart,
So sweet to handle lol,
So ambitious,
So easy going,
So kuat makan haha,
So cute,
So wangi all the time,
And ahhhh he is just too perfect!!!

One more thing, You can talk with him for ages! He have lots to say! 😂


He's still the same like the first the day he approach me ❤️

Can you imagine, first day approach dah cakap nak jumpa parents
And cakap nak beli hantaran kat mana and bila 😂
Padahal i dont even know him! Lol!

And of course i dont even say i like/love him! Hahaha! Suhail suhail..
I dont even got a chance to say anything coz he talks too much 😂😂😂

I think i just said 'kejap kejap, kenapa you macam comfirm je i suka dekat you, i kenal you pun tak.
And seriously i need time to digest what you said lol 😂'

And he said (as always confident 🙄), 'takpe takpe take your time, you tak reply msg i pun takpe
But i akan tetap hantar good morning goodnight and so on' lol sangat

I guess that what makes him charming 😊❤️😍

You're so confident Sayang ❤️ Thats what i like the most ❤️

Love you,

I will wait for you at the airport tomorrow 😘✈️

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