April 8, 2015

Judgement everywhere doh

11.20 PM

am on my bed
thinking bout future which scared the hell out of me
k change topic

Do you know what? This world is full with judgement. Especially those unrealistic and freaking like hamagad judgement. People be like macam you fikir you betul padahal you pun sama. 

One example: Rich vs Moderate/Poor

Rich people :
Maigad they are so poor but still act like freaking loaded. Wear branded things kalah iols. Eleh we can know lah from your gaya you rich ke tak.

moderate/Poor people :
Maigad they are so rich, boleh lah parents kaya. Wear branded things saja.

Both pfftt!

You dah kaya, you nak kisah apa orang miskin/sederhana ni nak macam mana pun. Your manners are so cheap! Then, dah you ni tak kaya, biarlah orang tu nak kaya macam mana pun, semua orang ada rezeki masing masing. Allah Maha Pemurah, Allah tak pernah kedekut dengan hamba hamba dia. He loves all of us equally. Did you realise that He loves us? 

Please stop with this stupid macam budak budak judgement lah young people. 


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