July 18, 2011


the third entry for today ,
oh saya sangat gelojoh bila line internet terbaek punya ,
n again hello piupel piupel :)

Actually , nothing to say at all . Now , my maa and abah are going to my cousin's house which is located at bukit sentosa , bukit beruntung , rawang . My grandma send us a lot of fruits -durian -rambutan and -manggis maybe , i don't really sure because my maa n abah don't come back home yet.Please please i want MANGOSTEEN !! Arghhh..My mouth is watering just now thinking of all those MANGGA-REMAJA.Are they too young ? HA-HA Silly thinking .

well , the main topic for this entry is about childhood.em em.#tiba tiba rasa rindu nak jadi budak budak balik :') why ? because , when i was young , i never ever think about any  problems , tension , stress and something like that laa.Like my maa said , 'Kak anis dulu dulu sikit sikit senyum , bila orang nak amik gamba je n orang sebut nama dia "aaaaaniiisss :) " n mula la tersengih sengih amik gambar.setiap masa ceria' teeeheeee ~ :P until now , ya ya  i'm still a person or a girl that love to smile.but now , sometimes , there are a lots of problem that i have to face by myself. for short , sometimes my smile is real and sometimes it is just a fake smile. by faking a smile , it doesn't mean that i'm a hypocrytes , but it is because i'm trying to be good to others :)

when i was erm 4 or 3 y/o i guess
my mom said i was 1 year and 7 month in this picture hehe
cute ? yes/no ? #perasan la kau anis haha

and yes , there was something weird about me when i was child ,
i didn't like other people took my picture except my parents hehe
i dont really know why #konon bajet artis la haha

see ? sampai ade orang usik usik nak ambik gambar dr belakang 

alolololo :P

kalau boleh nak selotep kepala kat ketiak maa haha

yaa gambar agak blur sorry for that.
and all these picture was taken at KL Tower.
maa's school had a lawatan to this place .
and yeap , thats all i think for today ,,i think haha.
so , have a nice sleep n dream okay ? see yaa :) <3



Cik Tie Berbicare said...

haha siyyes comel gamba first tuh !! weh pahal lak gamba lain tu ko mneyorok ? haha , padehal skang ni pantang nmpak camera mesti nak posing, dulu bajet pemalu :P

anis kristal said...

haha yeke yeke ? comel macam gamba kau time kecik kecik tu en ? haha mneyorok ye nura ? kah kah ontah den pon xtau la asal .tem tu pomalu bona gak eh haha .ei ei perli nampak ! haha

Anonymous said...

time nie anda baru berumur 1 year and 7 month