February 1, 2016

What's the craic?

Finally! Got time to have some rest phewhh! We are moving to a new house which i like it so much omg! I like this house like crazayyy! We have a large bedroom, spacious kitchen and beautiful bathroom! And say whattttt. Today is the last day for January of 2016, how can time flies so fast?! Rasa macam baru datang Dublin untuk grad bulan November hari tu. Masa masa, cepat betul kau berlalu kan.

Oh and yes, Alhamdulillah I manage to complete my bachelor in Accounting and Finance with flying colours :) The struggle was real. Kalau based on instagram it seems that I travel a lot but the real thing is, I studied really hard. Weekdays, i pergi kelas macam biasa. Balik kelas, makan solat semua I will went back to library to have some revision and do research for my assignments. During weekend, I woke up early and straight to dbs and find an empty class or computer room for revision, buat notes and do lots of exercise. I prefer empty classes and computer room during weekend cause i can have a relax-kind-of-study. I can sing, eat, stretch and discuss with my friends while studying. To be honest, memang jadi macam budak skema la all the time study. But but but! Kalau ada cuti umum ke apa, memang i akan travel and used it betul betul untuk cuti.

So what happened to me after graduating from DBS?

There's lots lots lots and lotssssss of thing happened tho. End up my 2015 badly was the worst thing ever! EVERRRR! I lost my phoneeeeee! It was stole by a pick pocket! Masa tu baru lepas buat visa dekat immigration kot which cost me 300euro then lepas tu phone kena curi. Like whattt mana nak cari duit weh! It happened within second! Tahu tahu pocket jacket dah ringan. All my travel photos and everything ada dalam tu lah pencuri! Speechless. Like seriously speechless masa tu. and until now, i live without a phone. I survived 2 months without a phone okay, 2 months hahah.

And of course, it is not always raining kan. Early January 2016, i manage to secure a job here in Dublin! Alhamdulillah syukur sangat sangat! Penantian macam orang gila masa tu, tuhan je tahu.

am getting sleepy, so.. till next post then!

Goodnight from Dublin :)



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